How to – Display your cycling medals

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Medal winning is great, competing is also great. I have never experienced being the number one in a cycling event but I still look back at those events with a great fondness. I want to celebrate those moments. Each ribbon and medal remind me of a specific race and of the individuals who I spent time with in training for the event.

Some of these medals have sat in the bottom of my cycling bag for nearly 10 years! The rest hung on the stairway banister noisily awakening my baby as I clumsily jerked past them during the early morning routine. How to celebrate these moments without the standard hanging medals in the shed to go moldy.

the off cuts

medal ribbon spares

I found a 40cm x 50cm (go larger if you have more than me) photo frame from Amazon and using some difficult layout choices, created a custom artwork and talking point which passes the wife test and can be hung in the house with pride.

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  • Order a frame with space between the back and the glass so that the medals have space to sit. The one above should be great.
  • Cut the medals from their ribbons! I know it’s hard but it’s gonna be worth it.
  • Use double sided tape to mount the ribbons across the backing paper. I went with all horizontal but you could do anything you like.
  • Use stronger double sided tape to hold the medals In-place as they will hang inside the frame.
  • Remount the image inside the frame and you are done!

Enjoy the smile that comes across your face every time a visitor regretfully asks about the medals and you talk their ear off for five hours.

cycling medal artwork

Medal art