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How to – The Waterproof backpack for commuting – A guide

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Today we have another video how to. My previous waterproof backpack video entitled “How to pack your backpack for commuting by bike” can be found here.

Continuing my series on the waterproof backpack. I’m going to look at them in a little more detail. This includes closure types, how to look after your waterproof backpack and how best to fit the bag to your body. I address the pros and cons of three separate types of bag closure.

Caring for your waterproof backpack.

Cleaning our backpack regularly is the best way to make sure it functions perfectly in the long term. Nylon bags should be cleaned with a small brush and some soapy water. Pat the backpack dry with a towel after rinsing with cold water. PVC bags can be easily wiped clean with a wet wipe. For detailed areas of any bag, like the zippers or seams, use the brush to carefully remove the dirt. Zippers on these bags can be an area which becomes damaged easily so make sure not to overfill or pull too hard on the zipper. A firm pull in either direction is enough.

Clean the inside of your bag with a vacuum cleaner. I would not recommend soaking the inside of the bag as they take a long time to dry and it really isn’t necessary unless you have spilled a particularly nasty item inside. If the bag is extremely wet, leave it somewhere warm but out of the sun. Any loose threads on the bag should be snipped off with a pair of scissors. This will protect them from being pulled and making the problem worse.

Fitting your bag to your body correctly.

First, loosen all of the straps. Next, tighten the hip straps. Tighten the shoulder straps next but not so much that they move the bag off of your hips. Tighten the chest strap across your sternum just above the nipple level. This should remove some pressure from the shoulders as the chest strap carries some weight away from the shoulders. Loosen the shoulder straps very slightly to allow the hips to take most of the weight. Adjust this system to suit your bag and riding position, we aren’t all the same after all.

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