How to become a cyclist.

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How do you become a cyclist? 

Cyclists are not born with a tendency for dressing in spandex and balancing themselves on small patches of rubber whilst travelling at 50 kmph. They are slowly grown from an idea, like a seed grows to be a palm and eventually bears fruit. Each consecutive ride adds to the obsession as the tree grows taller. Fronds (and friends)will fall off and be lost along the way but the overall transformation is great to witness.

I will skip over step 1 – obtain a bicycle. You can visit your local bike shop for that. 
Your first ride is what truly sets the bar for what is to come. A friendly atmosphere with patient people who know what you will soon learn is the ideal setting for a cyclist to flourish. Warning, once the seed is planted in this way it can be difficult to stop. By the end of the first ride the shared experience of pain and suffering will allow a connection with the rest of the peloton like no other. You are now a cyclist, you have lots to learn and many avenues to explore but you have been woven into a tapestry which goes back 200 years and YOU are at the forefront.
I am proud to say that I have been there to help create many cyclists in this way. Some have grown to enormous heights with accomplishments such as qualifying for the IRONMAN world championships in Kona Hawaii.( well done Lucy) This may seem a long way off but you never know and just remember.  
“Nothing compares to the simple pleasures of a bike ride” John F Kennedy