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The Bicycle shelf – How to

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The bicycle shelf – how to.

Storing a bike in the house is always a sore subject. Family members who have not yet accepted that the bike is as much a member of the family as they are, do not understand the need to provide room and board to an inanimate object. Naming your bike can help blur these lines as the bike takes on a personality of its own, more like a pet than a bike. ( click the link to read how) With this achieved, the need to store the bike safely and securely is of the utmost importance.

bike shelf / bicycle shelf

bike shelf in action

Having owned my Specialized road bike (Namey) for less than a week, we were still in the romantic stage. I parked her inside the house when going out, not thinking that danger was at hand. I returned to find a guilty pair of poodles standing over her as she laid slain on the kitchen floor. This was a sore lesson as surgery was needed to restore the function of her rear derailleur. Pets are not the only domestic worry when it comes to a house bike though.

If your wife/partner needs to move the bike to access certain areas of the domicile every time, then the bike is in danger of being re-homed. I suggest keeping her out of the way but flatly refusing to make her sleep in the garage. Once the bike is accepted as a family member you must make sure she doesn’t annoy the other members. Do not let this happen when the hard work is already done and storage solutions are so easy and cheap.

Below is a method of storing a bike using cheap and easily available items which can be delivered as fast as tomorrow (with Amazon Prime).

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  • Click on the links and purchase a shelf that matches your style, and the hooks.
  • Once you receive your floating bike shelf and bike hooks, you will need to decide where to store your bike. I suggest a corner as this will reduce the impact that the bike makes in the household.
  • Decide on the height that your bike needs to be, There should be enough room for the bike to free hang, without touching the floor. My shelf was mounted at 210cm, close to the ceiling, but with enough room for a helmet and shoes.
  • Check that the bike hooks thread into the metal arms of the shelf bracket, my bracket needed to be drilled out to accept the 6mm bike-hook threads. Make sure the thread is tight though as this will ensure the bike hooks are stable.
  • Drill into the wall and install strong raw plugs, you will need more that are suggested for the shelf alone as the bike weight will be supported by these. I selected to use 6 50mm screws. As my wall is concrete, it will support the weight easily. ( Namey is pretty light)
  • Mount the bracket to the wall, making sure that it is level!
  • Install the bicycle shelf onto the 2 arms, lining up the holes on the bottom of the shelf.
  • Install the bike hooks by threading them through the shelf and into the metal bracket arms inside. They should hold tight and not spin.
  • Mount your bike and other goodies.
  • You may want to add a small patch of material to the wall to stop tyre marks from damaging the paint.
  • Accept the accolades of the family and welcome your pride and joy into the home she deserves.

The true value of this bike self showed as my wife commented “i like your bike there, she’s a part of the house now”

Send images of your home made bicycle shelf, i would love to see them.




  1. I bought my current house so I could store my bikes in it. That I get to live in it is a bonus.