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Pain in the butt!

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Pain in the butt,

If you are new to cycling then you may be surprised to learn that one thing unites us all, it is the leveler, the uniting factor that mountain bikers, road cyclists, and everyone else who rides bikes will agree on. Cycling is a pain in the butt. When you cycle for the first time the discomfort is easy to dismiss as something that you will get used to, and this is true to some extent but the hurt never truly goes away. You just learn that this IS cycling.

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A recent change of one bike component has allowed me the joy of riding farther, faster and more comfortably. This is the best £80 that I have ever spent and my body is thanking me for choosing the Specialized power saddle available here.

 The cycling industry has developed ways to combat this “road-rash” from the invention of padded shorts in the 1900’s which had an insert made from deer leather,( the reason we call them chamois) to the warming feel when we apply a generous layer of tea tree and lavender chafe ease cream. The sheer number of different saddle shapes is a testament to how bad “the rub” can get. “Numb bum” has or will affect every cyclist one day and we must each find ways to deal with it in order to continue on the wheeled path. 
My new component is the home I have searched for, the zen that my private parts sorely needed, I can now look forward to the warm season with its overabundance of sweat without a worry. For those that are in the midst of despair please seek advice from the professionals at your local bike shop where you will find that science is always looking for ways to help. You may not realize that you are suffering unnecessarily.