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It’s not often that I am astounded by value but today I am. For the price of this phone mount, it offers an unprecedented amount of bike usability. Included are 2 bicycle phone mounts, these are made of sturdy plastic and managed to survive a Bristol commute across the old town cobbled streets without moving or coming loose. This is thanks to each pivot having its own locking ring so that once you tighten your phone on to the phone mount, it stays on. The mounts have an adaptable handlebar clamp that fits all sizes with rubber straps including the modern standard 31.8 oversize roads or mountain bike handlebar. The phone holding mechanism itself very cleverly tightens all four corners at once making sure that any size phone is centralized, my I phone 5SE and my wife’s I phone 6 both fitted snugly even though we both use phone cases. This phone mount would be an excellent way to use cycling apps like BikeComputer which I reviewed previously, or as a way to listen to a riding playlist such as this.  I have fitted one onto my commuter bike and one on my wife’s bike so she can navigate hands-free using google maps. These two phone mounts alone are worth the £12.99 for this item, making each only £6.50.

everything included

everything included

As an added value, you get 2 rubberized mount straps which are amazingly versatile, I have used these for my torch, pump, and phone when traveling light. I have even added these to my ESSENTIALS list that is taken everywhere on my bike as they can mount almost anything in almost any position. Excellent for commuting, read my commuting posts here. Great as a replacement for a broken light mount bracket or as a way to attach your banana for an on the road snack. As even more added value you get 2 waterproof phone pouches which are very useful when riding in the UK, I pop my phone in one of these when riding on the road to protect it from getting wet or sweaty in my jersey pocket. The waterproof cases have neck straps which are useful if you hike or mountain bike and like to keep the phone close at hand. To make this deal even more ridiculous you get a neck gaiter/ buff style scarf which I have always been a big fan of. An easy item of clothing that can be carried without any weight penalty, it can be a real comfort on a cold or foggy morning and even helps as a face mask when riding in traffic. So small and useful that every cyclist should have one, easy when it comes free as part of a package like this.

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I will be purchasing a few of these phone mount sets to give as gifts to all my cycling friends for Christmas. The delivery was very quick using my Amazon Prime subscription. I like many people often fear to buy Chinese manufactured items such as this for fear of them being a worse quality than a brand alternative, but with this item, you really can not argue that compared to brand equivalents which have a higher price for a single mount alone. This item offers the best value and quality available for a bicycle phone holder.

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