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Am I a cyclist because I ride my bike ? or do I ride my bike because I am a cyclist? When was the last time you asked yourself why you do the things that you do? The answer to this profound cycle-ogical question could put the fun back in the bike

Living in the city and working a high power job with long hours is stressful. And cycling is our release. So why then do we decide to take the simple pleasures of a bike ride and add job like standards of stress. I’m talking about Training-peaks, power outputs, cadence control, heart rate measurements, numbers, charts, mathematics. These all have a particular function but the question is, do you need them?
Remember when you were 11 and rode your bike because it made you smile. Maybe a little bit more of this can help you realize why you ride in the first place. And if you like the feeling it gives you, then you will be out more, and get faster. It’s a chicken/egg kinda thing.




  1. Try riding without your Garmin and phone. If you can’t, you’re not a cyclist. You should be able to just go for a ride. Enjoy the view. Enjoy the speed. If you can’t, find another hobby.

  2. Funnily enough I answered this question just last night, whilst riding home with my boyfriend. I was saying how exhausted I am these days, because I commute by bike 5 days a week, plus cycle around town to various places in the evenings and weekends, plus go to spinning once a week and pump twice a week – a huge increase in activity.

    He said I should slow down on my commute, leave a bit earlier in the morning and take a leisurely cycle.

    I said I can’t cycle slowly. For the record, I don’t use Strava, Garmin or any of those things. I cycle fast because my original reason for commuting this way was to squeeze some exercise into my daily routine without actually taking extra time out of my day for it. It was initially to get myself moving when I was very inactive. Over the past three years my fitness has improved, and so now I have the energy to cycle around town after work, and go to the gym at silly o’clock in the morning. But despite doing all this extra stuff, and actually going out of my way to exercise, I still can’t treat my commute like a leisurely ride. Deep down I think if I don’t arrive at work sweaty and pink in the face, then I haven’t achieved what I set out to do!