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JG Pro Star Mini-Pump

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If you have ever walked home pushing your bicycle and mumbling profanities under your breath, then you know that carrying a mini pump is a cycling necessity. This product may go unused for years on end, sitting dormant, awaiting its chance to save the day.

The JG Pro star mini bicycle pump does away with the gadgetry and gimmicks of other brands and delivers a solid basic design that is easy to use and robust enough to last. This sub 8-inch mini pump is made of lightweight aluminum and an extremely tough plastic meaning that it can withstand not only being used but the occasional drop or crash as well. The supplied bottle cage mount keeps the pump out of harm’s way alongside your frame and has a velcro fastening for extra security.

The Pro star incorporates a neat convertible head for use on either Schraeder or Presta valves. Similar to the classic design found on other pumps but extremely compact, making the head of this pump a simple yet effective and durable unit. The pump comes packaged with a ball adapter and 6 glueless patches, which make sure that your tubes hold the air that the pump replaces. These are a life-saver as they remove the need to wait for the old fashioned glue to dry, simply scuff the area with the supplied tool, peel and stick the patch over your puncture and you are ready to roll.

During use, the mini pump performed well and got my tires back up to a rideable pressure with some mild arm strength required. It is unlikely that you will ever get 120PSI from a mini pump (of any brand) but the seals inside the Pro star suggest that it could hold this much if you have the patience.

Available from for just $19.99 this pump package fulfills the need for emergency repair at a cost well below the known-brand options. It performs well should the need arise and will fit and stay wherever you decide to put it. A solid choice for a budget alternative to expensive brand air replacement gadgets.

Available to purchase at this link but beware the incorrect image shown on the cover page. The sellers have been warned

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